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Where it all started...
The first Argyll Adventure Tree product was a limited-edition cassette entitled simply, "pinecones." Long out-of-print, this much-sought-after collector's item has fetched as much as $50,000.00 on eBay (though an Antiques Roadshow appraiser put the value of a mint condition copy at "maybe 50 cents").
pinecones cassette the pinecones pinecones
AAT001, out of print

Track Listing:
Side A
01. Playing
02. Come as a Clown
03. Cooper House
04. Skylab
05. Blinders
06. Panic Button
07. Sandbox
08. Playing

Side B
01. Now I'm Food
02. Zuma
03. Calliope
04. Tantrum
05. Twilight of the Dogs/Something Special
06. Jungle River Cruise
07. Bound
08. Lonely Road

Covers Story
More than a side project, less than a way of life, the petite shelleys were a band dedicated solely to other artists' compositions at a time when the pinecones had a strict no-covers policy. pinecones michael and andy basically reprised their roles in their main band, but the participation of filmmaker gia amella pushed them to explore new methods of arranging and producing.
the petite shelleys: the early years, CD cover the petite shelleys the early years
AAT002, out of print

Track Listing:
01. The Slider
02. Glad All Over
03. E.S.P.
04. Homosapien
05. She Comes in Colors
06. Beautiful World

Din-Din for a Pack of Hungry Anarchists
Issued by popular demand, this very-limited-edition CD chronicles the only live on-air performance of Oshkosh, WI avant-garde popsters Crimson Crunch. The original broadcast, courtesy of KZSC-FM's Argyll Adventure Tree radio show, sullied the airwaves of Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay area on March 1, 1988. Everything you've heard is true.
Crimson Crunch: Never Gonna Give You Up, 1996 re-mix, CD cover Crimson Crunch Never Gonna Give You Up
AAT003, out of print

Track Listing:
01. Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"
02. Documentary
03. Crunch's "Never Gonna Give You Up"
04. An Inspirational Hymn
05. Argyll Cart
06. Crimson Crunch Live, Part 1
07. Interview, Part 1
08. Interview, Part 2
09. Crimson Crunch Live, Part 2
10. Junglephonics, featuring the Pinecones [bonus track]

Not Available
To prepare for the recording of their magnificent magnum opus, "Shirley Kramer," the Pinecones spent many thankless hours toiling away in stinky rehearsal studios. This privately pressed and circulated CD features raw, live-in-the-studio performances of most of the songs that made it onto the Shirley Kramer album, and a couple that didn't.
The Pinecones: Spring Training, CD cover the pinecones shirley kramer
no code (private pressing), out of print

Track Listing:
01. Pasta Primavera
02. Sulfur
03. Now I'm Food
04. Blinders
05. Time
06. Baseball Cards
07. Rib Roast
08. Space God
09. Appliances
10. What I Know About the Bible
11. Planet X
12. Pinecones Fight Song
13. Shirley Kramer
14. (Titanic)
15. (Bad Boy)

Almost Famous
This is the big one, folks. The CD that catapulted The Pinecones into the stratosphere of near-total obscurity. The CD that was almost audible for practically five seconds in a scene in Kevin Smith's Dogma. The CD that sold in the hundreds. Yes, it's Shirley Kramer. How did we ever live without it?
The Pinecones: Shirley Kramer, CD cover the pinecones Shirley Kramer
AAT004, in print

Track Listing:
01. Pinecones Overture
02. Appliances
03. Baseball Cards
04. Bad Days
05. Blinders
06. Planet X
07. Sulfur
08. Pasta Primavera
09. Time
10. Shirley Kramer
11. Bad Boy
12. Rib Roast
13. Titanic
14. Strange Interlude
15. Pinecones Fight Song
16. Sophia

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