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And I Don't Have to Pay for It?

We've been digging through the vaults looking for items that might interest the rabid gyllphile (or arghead, as some prefer to be known), but as of yet we have nothing to sell that might meet the high standards of such a discerning crowd.

What we've got instead is some vintage AAT material, spanning nearly the entire catalog, in the popular mp3 format. We hope to rotate songs through here on a regular basis, but if I know us, and I think I do, the rotation period will be a decade. Considering the first Argyll Adventure Tree broadcast was over 20 years ago, maybe that won't seem too slow.

The music below was all recorded in San Francisco, California, on 4-track cassette, giving it that warm analog sound so perfect for a chilly winter day or night.

The Pinecones
from pinecones
Now I'm Food
the petite shelleys
from the early years
The Slider
the petite shelleys
from the early years

Most of the original Argyll Adventure Tree broadcasts have been (partially) preserved on cheap 90-minute TDK cassettes. The shows were two hours long, so the cassettes are missing a full 25% of each show, and the sonics are not always "hi-fi." Given the cultural importance of those original broadcasts, however, we feel that an incomplete Argyll is better than no Argyll at all. Our lead and only archivist has begun the tedious but vital process of digitizing those cassettes. Below is an mp3 of one of those cassettes.

argyll adventure tree
the original broadcasts from KZSC-FM, Santa Cruz
The First Episode
1hr 33mins, 213.4 MB

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